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Vitamin A deficiency also contributes to development of night blindness because of the nutrient’s importance in maintaining the health of the eye’s retina.维生素A缺乏症,也有助于发展夜盲,因为营养的重要性,在保持健康的眼睛的视网膜。 One study reported in Journal of Nutrition (October 2004) effectively used tests detecting night blindness in pregnant women to determine whether mothers-to-be lacked vitamin A considered crucial for healthy development of their babies.一项研究报告杂志的营养 ( 2004年10月)有效利用试验检测夜盲孕妇,以确定是否母亲到被缺乏维生素A的审议至关重要的健康发展,他们的婴儿。

Retinitis Pigmentosa is characterized by night blindness and black dotting of the fundus.视网膜色素变性的特点是夜盲和黑色点睛的眼底。 The Optic Nerve becomes pale white, called Optic atrophy.视神经变成灰白色,所谓的视神经萎缩。

Types of Night Blindness各类夜盲

  1. Congenital Stationary Night Blindness: This type of night blindness, present at birth, can have varying causes often related to inherited disorders. 先天性静止性夜盲:这种类型的夜盲,目前在出生时,可以有不同的原因,往往与遗传性疾病。
  2. Progressive Night Blindness: As implied by the name, progressive night blindness continues to worsen. 渐进夜盲:由于暗示的名字,进步夜盲继续恶化。 Causes can include factors such as vitamin A deficiency, disease, and toxic effects of drugs including quinine used to treat malaria and other conditions.原因可包括因素,如维生素A缺乏症,疾病和毒性作用的药物如奎宁用来治疗疟疾和其他条件。
  3. Night Blindness as Complication of Obesity Surgery: Individuals who undergo obesity surgery altering the way the body absorbs food can develop night blindness, primarily because nutrients such as vitamin A may be lacking if patients fail to use nutritional supplements following surgery. 夜盲,因为并发症的手术方式五花八门:个别人士进行减肥手术,变造方式人体吸收食物可以发展夜盲,这主要是因为营养成分,如维生素A可能缺乏,如果患者不能使用营养补充剂以下手术。

Night blindness is due to a disorder of the cells in the retina that are responsible for vision in dim light.夜盲,是因为错乱的细胞在视网膜是负责高瞻远瞩,在弱光环境中拍摄。 It has many causes,这有多方面的原因,

  • Lack of vitamin A, which can cause a disorder of the retina and make the eyes very dry缺乏维生素A ,这可能导致紊乱的视网膜,使眼睛非常干燥

  • Cataracts, which are cloudy areas in the lens of the eye白内障,这是密云地区,在眼球晶状体对

  • Some forms of retinal degeneration, like retinitis pigmentosa某些形式的视网膜变性,如视网膜色素变性

  • Trouble adjusting from low levels of light to high levels of light麻烦调整,从低层次的结合,以高水平的轻

  • Certain medications某些药物

  • Birth defects出生缺陷

Some risk factors for night blindness include: 一些危险因素,为夜盲,包括:

  • Age: older people are more likely to have cataracts 年龄:老年人的人较容易有白内障

  • Diet: people who don’t eat enough sources of vitamin A, such as green leafy vegetables, eggs, and whole milk products (vitamin A deficiency is very rare in the US, but still occurs in certain less developed countries) 饮食:人都不吃够来源维生素A ,如绿叶蔬菜,蛋,全脂牛奶制品(维生素A缺乏症,是非常罕见的,在美国,但仍出现在一些欠发达国家)

Disorders that affect the ability of the body to absorb vitamin A:疾病影响的能力,人体吸收维生素A :

    • Liver disorders肝脏疾病
    • Surgery on the pancreas or liver手术对胰腺或肝
    • Intestinal conditions肠道条件

Symptoms are difficulty or inability to see in low light or darkness.症状是难以或无法见到在弱光或黑暗。 While driving, this may also occur a few seconds after the bright headlights of an oncoming car have passed.而驾驶,这也可能发生在几秒钟后,光明头灯的一个迎面而来的轿车已经过去了。

Associated symptoms include: 相关的症状包括:

  • Dry eyes眼干

  • Blurred vision视力模糊


Treatment for night blindness will depend upon its cause . 治疗夜盲将取决于其事业。 Treatments generally include: 治疗方法一般包括:

  • Taking vitamin A supplements长期服用维生素A补充剂
  • Removal of the cataracts.拆除了白内障。
  • Eating a diet with adequate amounts of Vitamin A may help prevent night blindness.吃的饮食与适当数量的维生素A可以预防夜盲。