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Valine also participates in the detoxification of ammonia and works along with alpha-ketoglutarate.缬氨酸还参加了戒毒的氨及工务局随着α -酮戊二酸。 It may be an important amino acid in the prevention of muscle wasting in diabetes and in the prevention of ammonia toxicity in older-aged individuals who are hospitalized.它可能是一种重要的氨基酸,在防止肌肉浪费在糖尿病和预防氨毒性,在老年人年龄的人都住院治疗。

Sources of valine来源缬氨酸

  • Good sources of valine include dairy, meat, grain, mushrooms, soy and peanuts.良好来源,缬氨酸,包括乳制品,肉类,谷物,蘑菇,黄豆和花生。

  • Foods high in valine include:食品高缬氨酸包括:

  • Cottage cheese (dry) 2,500 mg/cup奶酪(干) 2500毫克/杯

  • Fish & other seafoods 1,000-7,000 mg/lb鱼类及其他海产品1000年至7000年毫克/磅

  • Meats 1,500-5,500 mg/lb肉类, 1500年至5500年毫克/磅

  • Poultry 2,500-5,500 mg/lb家禽2500年至5500年毫克/磅

  • Peanuts, roasted w skin 3,500 mg/cup花生,烤瓦特皮肤的3500毫克/杯

  • Sesame seeds 2,000 mg/cup芝麻, 2000年毫克/杯

  • Dry, whole lentils 2,500 mg/cup干,整个扁豆2500个毫克/杯

Benefits of valine好处缬氨酸

It is needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of a proper nitrogen balance in the body.这是需要肌肉代谢,组织修复,并维持一个适当的氮平衡身体。 Valine is found in high concentrations in muscle tissue.缬氨酸是发现高浓度的肌肉组织。 It is one of the branched-chain amino acids, which means that it can be used as an energy source by muscle tissue.这就是其中的支链氨基酸,这意味着它可以用来作为能源的来源,由肌肉组织。 It may be helpful in treating liver and gallbladder disease, and it is good for correcting the type of severe amino acid deficiencies that can be caused by drug addiction.它可能有助于治疗肝脏和胆囊疾病,它是好的,为纠正型重症氨基酸不足,可造成药物成瘾。

It has a stimulating effect and is needed for muscle metabolism, repair and growth of tissue and maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body.它有一个刺激作用,是需要肌肉代谢,修复和生长的组织,并维持氮平衡,在体内。

Since it is a branched-chain amino acid, it can be used as an energy source in the muscles, and in doing so preserves the use of glucose.因为这是一个支链氨基酸,它可以用来作为能源的来源,在肌肉,并在这样做时保留使用葡萄糖。 It may be helpful in treating liver and gallbladder disease.它可能有助于治疗肝脏和胆囊疾病。

Many amino acids become deficient with drug addiction, and here it also plays an important role and there are indications that it may also be beneficial in treating or reversing hepatic encephalopathy, or alcohol related brain damage, as well as degenerative neurological conditions.许多氨基酸成为缺陷与吸毒,在这里也发挥了重要作用,并有迹象表明,它也可能有利于治疗或逆转肝性脑病,或酒精有关的脑损伤,以及神经系统退化性条件。

Valine is often used by bodybuilders, (in conjunction with leucine and isoleucine), to promote muscle growth, tissue repair and energizer, although little scientific evidence supports these claims.缬氨酸是经常使用的健美, (连同亮氨酸和异亮氨酸) ,以促进肌肉的生长,组织修复和能量,虽然稍有科学证据支持这些说法。 Studies have however shown that these three substances might be useful in restoring muscle mass in people with liver disease, injuries, or who have undergone surgery.研究显示,不过这三位物质可能有助于恢复肌肉质量,在人与肝脏疾病,伤害,或曾接受外科手术。 The three branched-chain amino acids should always be taken in balance.三个支链氨基酸应始终采取的平衡。

Deficiency symptoms of valine缺乏症状的缬氨酸

Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) is caused by the inability to metabolize leucine, isoleucine, and valine.枫糖尿症( msud ) ,是造成无法代谢亮氨酸,异亮氨酸,缬氨酸。 The disease is so named because urine from affected people smells like maple syrup.这种疾病是如此命名是因为尿液从受影响的人的气味像枫树糖浆。 A deficiency may affect the myelin covering of the nerves. A缺乏可能会影响到髓鞘覆盖的神经。

Symptoms of high intake症状的高摄入量

Very high levels of valine can cause symptoms such as a crawling sensation on the skin, as well as hallucinations.非常高水平的缬氨酸可引起的症状,如爬行轰动,对皮肤,以及幻觉。

Individuals with kidney or liver disease should be careful in consuming high intakes of amino acids without consulting their doctor.个人与肾脏或肝脏疾病,应小心食用高摄入量的氨基酸,没有征询他们的医生。

Daily requirement每日规定

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Valine are: – 推荐膳食津贴( RDA合作)的缬氨酸是: –

  • Adults – 15 mg.成年人-1 5毫克。
  • Children – 25 mg.儿童-2 5毫克。
  • Infant – 89 mg.婴儿-8 9毫克。