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Best Multivitamin – How to Choose Multivtamin

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Vitamins have been recommended for years because they help you get key nutrients if your diet’s low on fruits and veggies—and may even help prevent cancer and heart disease. And it’s unlikely that one critical paper (speculating that vitamin supplements might upset your body’s natural healing process and boost your risk of death) will change that.

Experts say that men should look for a multivitamin with no more than 9 milligrams of iron; less is even better. Iron overload can cause health problems in men, including joint pain, heart palpitations and impotence. One-A-Day Men’s Formula contains no iron, plus it has 150% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) of selenium and vitamin E, both of which may help prevent prostate problems. A 12-year study is currently under way to determine whether high amounts of selenium and vitamin E prevent prostate cancer. So there are vitamin e benefits exists too.

Multivitamins Benefits

Multiple vitamins contain a variable number of essential and/or non-essential nutrients. Their primary purpose is to provide a convenient way to take a variety of supplemental nutrients from a single product, in order to prevent vitamin or mineral deficiencies, as well as to achieve higher intakes of nutrients believed to be of benefit above typical dietary levels

When you take fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), the vitamins are stored in the fat tissues in your body and in your liver until your body needs them. Some are stored for a few days, some for up to six months! Water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C and the B group of vitamins, on the other hand are different. They are not stored as much in your body. Instead, they travel through your bloodstream and whatever your body doesn’t use comes out when you urinate. So these kinds of vitamins need to be replaced often, and many people fail to do so. That is why you need to take a high-quality multivitamin in order to replenish lost vitamins and minerals.

A multivitamin should be the place where you get most of the vitamins and minerals you need. Let the manufacturer do the bulk buying and offer it to you in a single, cost-effective package. For example, selenium, a trace metal, has been shown to reduce most cancer rates up to 50 per cent. Most over-the-counter multi vitamins lack selenium. It can be purchased separately, but why not buy it in your multi vitamin? It is much less expensive that way.  Chromium benefits, has been shown to increase the number and efficiency of insulin receptors. This is important, not only for diabetics, but for all of us.

A multivitamin is no substitute for a healthful diet and doesn’t provide the dozens of disease fighting chemicals found in colorful produce and other plant foods! Think of it like insurance. Strive to consume a varied diet including at least 6 ounces of lean meat or meat substitutes, especially fish and beans, heart-healthy fats (such as those found in olive and canola oils, nuts, seeds and avocados), several servings of low- or non-fat dairy products (or non-dairy calcium-rich foods), at least 6 servings of whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal, and 5 or more servings of colorful fruits and vegetables daily.

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