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Vitamins have been recommended for years because they help you get key nutrients if your diet’s low on fruits and veggies—and may even help prevent cancer and heart disease. And it’s unlikely that one critical paper (speculating that vitamin supplements might upset your body’s natural healing process and boost your risk of death) will change that.

Experts say that men should look for a multivitamin with no more than 9 milligrams of iron; less is even better. Iron overload can cause health problems in men, including joint pain, heart palpitations and impotence. One-A-Day Men’s Formula contains no iron, plus it has 150% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) of selenium and vitamin E, both of which may help prevent prostate problems. A 12-year study is currently under way to determine whether high amounts of selenium and vitamin E prevent prostate cancer. So there are vitamin e benefits exists too.