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vitamin C deficiency

In real life, sometimes many people are diagnosed having vitamin C deficiency by their health care professionals and they are then advised to take vitamin C supplements. What exactly vitamin C is and how they offer benefits to our overall health system. Actually Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, as isolated during 1928. In this article, we will begin our discussion by giving a brief overview on what vitamin C is and then continue our discussion by analyzing its potential benefits, its availability in nature and associated side effects. (more…)

The experts want you to believe that you should not be taking vitamins and nutritional supplements. When asked what the reason for that is… they reply that the average person gets all the recommended daily allowances of vitamins and supplements they need if they follow the advice of American Dietetic Association and the USDA. What is that advice? Why…Eat according to the food pyramid and everything will be all right. (more…)