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However, a study has shown that people, especially women, who have a lot of extra body fat have weaker bones than those with normal body fat levels. Although experts cannot explain why fat can cause bone deterioration in people, they found out that overweight mice had more fat cells than bone cells in the bone marrow. (more…)

Organic food has so much more flavor than conventional produce. Conventional peaches can be extremely mealy with little or no flavor. Caution: eating organic peaches can turn you into a peach snob! There are worlds of difference in flavor between organic and conventional peaches, not to mention other fruits included with vitamins source, best sources of omega 3 fatty acids,etc. (more…)

Lets face it we aren’t getting any younger. But there are ways to slow down the process of aging on our bodies. I have compiled some useful tips on what you can do yourself to help.

For starters, nutrition is key to good health. If we can try to keep what we eat in check then we will be able to keep ourselves in top condition. Having a balanced diet and exercise is your best defense against aging. (more…)