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Vitamins for Hair Loss and Healthy Hair

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There is a wide range of vitamins and minerals available to better treat hair. Without the sufficient nutrients, hair deficiencies can develop which can lead to thinning of the hair and even baldness in some extreme cases. Hair will show damage if a person is ill and lacking essential vitamins. The health of your hair can lead to a good indicator of your body’s general health. The most important hair vitamins that a person can get are B6, inositol, biotin and folic acids. Taking these vitamins as supplements is the best way to ensure sufficient intake for hair. There are other minerals which are essential to the health of your hair such as: magnesium, zinc, sulphur and silica.

Vitamin A is the most essential vitamin for hair but to efficiently include it in a daily diet, it is recommended to take beta-carotene instead. This is because vitamin A can be toxic if consumed in large quantities, unlike beta-carotene that has no such problems and is converted into vitamin A by the body naturally. Vitamin A also serves other functions for the body such as normal growth of bones, skin, eyes, nails, and the protective layers around nerve fibers. People usually meet their necessary intake of Vitamin A which is why it is usually over looked as opposed to other vitamins which otherwise require special attention, calcium for instance. You can find Vitamin A in Orange-colored fruits and vegetable such as carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes. In fact, having half a cup of sweet potatoes will surpass your daily requirement. Other good sources of Vitamin A are red bell peppers, and papaya. Kale, milk, eggs, broccoli, tomatoes and even cereal which is often fortified with vitamins are good sources of vitamin A.

Because hair is essentially made of protein, having a good protein intake is important since the amount of nutrients a person consumes directly affects the state of their hair. A person that is lacking certain vitamins that are important to hair will Have slow hair growth and thinning hair. Other factors also come in to consideration when looking to get a healthy head of hair. Researchers have found that the overall health of a person is directly related to health of that person’s hair. If a person is deprived of a good amount of sleep or is consistently under a large amount of pressure then it is likely that the nutrients supplied by their regular diet is not enough to make their hair healthy enough and a supplement is necessary to improve the state of weak and brittle hair.

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